. +_What does my Membership cost?


What do my dues I pay go too?

Three things:
General fund: $20
Hole in fund: $20
Handicap Fee: $25

The General fund pays for the trophies for all the Championship events and the dinner after the Singles Championship event. Plus, some other things like gift certificates, flyers to promote the club, Posters etc. The Hole in one fund is for the 1st member to hit a hole in one!!!!! It’s locked at $2000 for the 1st hole in one. We have over $4500 in that fund. The Handicap fee is what pays for your handicap service. 1st year initiation fee is a one-time fee for 1st time members. This is because we must establish a handicap for you. 

How much does an event cost?

Whatever the course is asking for green fee’s the day, is what you pay. Sometimes the outing coordinator works with the Golf course and gets us a break on green fees if we can guarantee more golfers at the event. We do try to play out of some of the many Discount Golf books. In the beginning of the year I will email everyone if you’d like to get one. The more we buy, the cheaper they are.

Some clubs like ours add “SURCHARGES” and average from $80 to $100 at each event for golf and prizes and have the discretion for the payouts!!! We don’t have any surcharges!!!!! 

Can anyone join?

Yes!!! We have golfers from a 3.0 handicap to 30 +handicaps. All we ask is you play by the rules of the USGA if you’re going to play in any of the games and play at a good pace of play. No one wants to play a 5 hour round due to one player not knowing when to pick up. 

So why should I join?

Have you ever wanted to go golfing, but all your friends can’t make it that week or day? We offer guaranteed tee times and take the hassle of finding golfers to golf with. The association is open to all amateur golfers regardless of ability, as all events are played with a handicap. 

Are there any games the club plays at each event?

Yes. Low nets and Closest to the pins. $5 each and it’s optional. Winner gets 80% 2nd place gets 20%. Sometimes we have Scat’s game, but mostly we just have those two games. And it’s up to you to play!!!! AGAIN, We Don’t Have ANY ADDED SURCHARGES!!! 

What if I have a handicap GHIN?

All you have to do is either give us your GHIN number and will change it over to ours. We take care of it and enter all NOMADS EVENT SCORES. If you play some other time, you must enter your score yourself or give the scorecard to the handicap chairman next time you see him. 

What if I don’t have a handicap?

If you don’t have a handicap, give us old score cards so we can establish a handicap for you. If you don’t have any, just tell us what your average score is and will use that as a starting point. You have to play at least 4 to 7 times for us to establish a new handicap for you. 

What tees do you play?

We typically play the white tees. If a course does not have white tees the Outing Coordinator will confirm with the course which tees we will use. We also have a senior tee if your 62 or over you can play the tee box directly in front of the NOMADS tee box. But we also sometimes go by what the weather is that day. If it’s rained all week or if the course is wet, will decide at the course if we should move one tee box up or not. But mostly we play by the tee box that is closest to 6100 yards. Nobody wants to get beat up on a tough course if the course is wet or if it’s really windy or raining. 

If I have some input, can I say something?

YES!!! The Nomads Golf Association isn’t a dictatorship. We’re a non-profit organization. We also have general meetings every two months during the year. And we have two Executive meetings twice a year to discuss the needs of the club. This is your club. If you want to help as a Executive, as long as we have a position for you

What days does the club play?

The majority of our outings are held on Sunday’s, with a few held on Saturdays and weekday events at area Private courses and so area Public courses that are pricey on the weekends.

How do I sign up for events?

Go to our website and go to our members prompt and look for the schedule. Pick the events you want to go to and you’re in! The outing coordinator will send out an email to everyone that is going to that event a with the foursomes and times a few days before. 

Can I bring a guest?

Yes!!! We want you to promote the club in anyway. All we ask is you make sure they come. You’re responsible for the money if you sign them up. 

What happens if I signed up for an event and something came up and I need to cancel?

We understand things come up. Things happen in this day. But if you just blow off the club and don’t show up or call anyone, that’s another story. We have a 48-hour cancellation policy though. All we ask you is to please try to make it if you sign up for an event. If Work or a family issue comes out, we ask you to Email the outing coordinator as soon as possible!!!! If it’s inside 24 hours of the event, you must email and call the outing coordinator directly and then call the course to let them know there will be one less golfer with the “NOMADS GROUP” that day. If the course hits the clubs credit card, you will be charged. Has it happened in the 11 years of the club?? Yes. Twice. But mostly the courses just want a heads up if someone can’t make it. 

What happens if it’s raining on the day we’re supposed to golf?

It is still your responsibility to either call the outing coordinator and the course if you’re not going to take the ride. Or keep an I on your emails as the Outing Coordinator will be in contact with the course and ask who wants to go. You don’t know how many times we’ve meet for a carpool and it was raining in Lower Bucks, but we drove to the course and it has stopped. We have an unwritten rule. Take the ride and will decide at the course. 

Where do you play?

We have chosen some of the regions finest courses to host our events. We’re based out of Lower Bucks County. We will play any course from 10 miles to 80 miles East, West, North or South of Lower Bucks County. Just go to the courses prompt to see some of the courses we play. If you have any that the club would want to play, just tell the outing coordinator. 

Do you play with members with the same handicaps as yours?

No. Is it fair for all the low handicappers to play with themselves? We stress comrade with all members to get to know everyone and enjoy the game of golf. All we ask from all members is to respect one another on the course and have some golf etiquette and enjoy the round of golf. If you have an issue with someone in your group, in a friendly tone tell them your issue. If they continue to do it, let any of the executives know about this member. 

Are there any rules I must follow?

Yes. We have by laws for every member to follow. We play by USGA rules of golf. If you’re going to play in any of the games, you must play the ball down and know the rules of golf. No rolling of the ball or gimmie’s. That is if you’re putting for a 10 or more.

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